Hygiene & Prevention

Use of Antifungal Spray

Responsible for approximately 90% of toenail infections are dermatophytes, a group of fungi which colonise within keratinised tissue (skin and nails).

These microorganisms have the ability to colonise on non-keratin structures prior to infecting a host. These structures include tight-fitting shoes, club dressing-rooms, humid clothing lockers, sock drawers, public and private shower stalls, and humid areas in general.

If proper hygienic practices are not implemented, and these areas are not properly sanitised, the risk of infection is substantially elevated. Accordingly, you have been provided with an antifungal spray to be applied once-daily to all surface listed below. Simply press the nozzle down and cover the surface for approximately 10 seconds while using a sweeping motion.

Apply the antifungal spay to the following surfaces:


  •  Gym Locker
  •  Shower Stall, Bathtub
  •   Sock drawer
  •   Shoes
  •   Area where shoes are stored
  •   Moist and damp regions

Guide to Re-Infection

The LUNULA Laser has been clinically proven to promote the growth of a clear, healthy nail. Nevertheless, reinfection is possible. To reduce this risk, key strategies can be implemented to successfully keep your newly treated toe(s) clear and free of reinfection.
Proper toenail hygiene is essential in the fight against reinfection. By following these simple steps, you can substantially reduce the risk of reinfection.
 Wear breathable footwear when possible
 Wear 100% cotton socks and changes them often
 Keep feet protected in shared bathroom settings
 Keep feet dry throughout the day
 Recognise and treat tinea pedis (athletes foot)
 Perform preventive care if you suffer from a chronic disorder
 If you receive pedicures be sure to review their sanitation procedures


In addition to practicing proper toenail hygiene, application of an antifungal spray to selected surface areas can reduce the risk of reinfection by going to the source.
Areas include:

  •   Gym Locker
  •   Shower Stall
  •   Sock drawer
  •   Shoes
  •   Area where shoes are stored
  •   Moist and damp regions

Importance of Post-Procedure Follow Up

Treatment with the LUNULA Laser effectively targets the major contributors of onychomycosis. However, no matter how effective the treatment, we are still dependent on the rate of nail regrowth to see the full benefits of this innovative treatment.

Nail regrowth is a timely process and could take several months. In order to see results the LUNULA Laser was able to provide it is imperative to revisit your clinician at follow-up months 3 and 6.

These post-procedure evaluation periods will allow your LUNULA provider to assess your progress and compare baseline images to demonstrate your progress. Failure to attend these appointments will limit your ability to appreciate what the LUNULA Laser was able to accomplish. Because nail growth is slow, it is important to see your baseline photographs to understand how the clarity in your nail has improved.

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